Today we finished decorating the Iggys’ Room and Restuarant as our Christmas raket for this year. This event is a yearly habit of our not only to earn some bucks but also as part of developing the caramaderie among us. We used our freetime for this job meaning we start decorating early evening because of the classes schedule and office hours. Girls are responsible on making the ribbons and garlands and the boys will be the one tucking the garlands on place. We are lucky that today is a holiday, we have the whole day finishing the work.

Last year, our group were responsible for the decorations of Camp John Hay’s Easter. We had literally make tree bear eggs… We had fun and couple of money of course, John Hay is no ordinary client.

What a relief, we completed the task given to us now we can have time to rest early this time and looking froward to next year Christmas decoration galore, even though my job is simply tucking and carrying Christmas decors around… Why don’t you also try to organize a small group and take advantage of your creativity to earn this holiday season? Its worth the time i promise you…

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