Today we had a farewell party for Karen at Don Henri co because it is her last day to serve as student assistant in Cashier office here in University of Baguio.. She will be focusing from now on in her study and practice teaching on one of the high school here in Baguio city. Why did i say that this is a party to remember? Well, because having Karen in that party is almost heaven. A party could not be called a party if there is no food serve on the table, heres come favorite part in a party, eating time.

We ate Pizza sea food and spaghetti with beef meat balls (i only ate pizza because i don’t ate beef… It’s been my habit ever since to asked somebody if the food in serving has a beef in its ingredients i have beef in a party foods not only at the party i really hate to ate beef. Oh, lets talk about the party not the beef the beef issue, maybe i could tackle the issue on my next article. You gonna love it, promise.

We laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh, why won’t we? we have the comedian in person of Ma’am Jinky. Hahaha to death. I wish i have she will be always on a every party so she could take the party to the next level of laughter. Though my cashier days as SA was over i do still do the cashiering once in a while to finance my studies, thanks Ma’am Mayet for considering me and trusting me.

My companion were my boss Ma’am Jo, Ma’am Mayet, , Ma’am Kinky, Ma’am Jen, Karen, Jhar, Lali, and Chanah, respectively – according to age. Indeed a farewell party to remember…

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