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I am presently enrolled in CRC-ACE Review Center here in Baguio for Accountancy Board Exam this coming May. CRC-ACE is a joint venture between CRC and ACE due to the fact of the CHED requirement of affiliation of Review Center to any School. The review class has three session, morning, afternoon and evening session, i choose morning session because in that time my mind is active absorbing information or in the other word, it is most suitable time for me. I learned it from book of Kaplan on how to be effective during review sessions… I just forgot the whole title of the book.

In all the subjects i like Taxation and Manegrial Advisory Services a lot but overall i like all my accounting subjects. I have almost 5 months preparation for this board exam, and i believe that this 5 months of preparations is sufficient in passing the board exam. The preparation of course should be rigid, sacrifices should be made in order to achieve the end result… Others are not determined thats why they failed in actual board exam, an example that should not be followed.

Review, to view again, well the main essence of review classes is to test us about what we had learned from undergrad, not the other way around. If any circumtances that we only start learning in review classes, there is a big possibility of not passing the board unless your are exceptional in absorbing information for short span of time. Dozens of Accounting standards, formulae and laws could make you go insane if now property handled well, sound mental mind is expected of you…

Sipag at Tigaya lang ang kailagnan to pass. Determination and well power. I would like to borrow the qoute of CRC-ACE “Prepare to TOP if you fail, you PASS“.

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