Tax is inevitable. Our Government can tax anything and anyone at its desire as it is its inherent power. Taxation is needed in order for the government to defray its expenses in providing basic services to the people of the Philippines. As expected government need to survive and continue its existence in order to serve its people thus tax is unavoidable for everyone.

It sadden me to think that with so much collections others find some ways to divert such money to there own pockets, leaving some projects idle and waste more money. Survival of the state seems overtaken by some officials desires of own survival at the expense of the public. Though this is happening we could not just say “I will not pay my taxes because it just went to the pockets of people at higher office”, because is necessary – an enforced contribution. Nevertheless making our contributions through taxes saves million of lives.

Whether we like it or not we need and we must pay those taxes to ensure the continuance of our beloved government. After Taxation is Government and Government is Taxation.

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