City of Pines, Baguio City now experiences very cold weather it started yesterday. The timing is perfect, Christmas is associated usually with cold weather and even snows if you are in states… Even if we don’t have snow here in the Philippines, undoubtedly the cold is like of that having snow. Imagine walking down Session road full of jackets and scarf you can still feel the cold even feet could feel it.

Running around Burnham Lake early morning is not the same as before, you will not perspire notwithstanding the 5 minute run. Undeniably Baguio City is a place to visit during holidays for its cold weather aside from Tagatay of course.

Would you take a bath if you are bathing ice-cold water? If hell is a hot place that don’t have to be associate with Baguio’s bathing water is most the opposite. Despite this very chilling fact the resident can handle the coldness of the water running trough their bodies. The one whose not local here uses boiling water just to neutralized the coldness of the water. Kaw ba naman maligo sa yelo sige nga?

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