adsense.pngWhen i checked my adsense report for all time earnings i got a moderately low at 14.85 dollars. I know that is earnings is very low compare to those other regular blogs like mine. But i have my excuse, hehehe my site is down for almost 2 weeks thus limiting the ability to increase my earnings. It also disrupt my blogging schedule to my other blogs which are earning higher than this blog alone.

I read an equation somewhere and the equation is look like this: no post = dead blog, yes that equation is true because i experience it. I do have some blogs on blogger, those blogs regenerate more traffic than usual but when i do neglect to post articles the traffic gradually diminished in size, as well as the robot did not come back to index my blogs leaving also my search engine ranking to go down. If my blog is on 5-10 rankings now it is almost on 50-60 rankings… How sad. Really if you really want to earn more in adsense, content traffic and continuous posting is required to achieve it, though SEO also help in the process.

Seems that i have a lot to learn from this blogging world, I’ll still have to consult to some blogging guru. Hope there we some guys kind enough to help me enlightened.

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