Right after one month of not posting any to my blogger account under Textparadise now its back to top 10 of Google search just after i post three articles, the Text Paradise 281-320, Christmas quotes and Text Paradise 261-280, respectively. It seems that google bot and spiders are active again busy indexing my site, the last time the google bot and spider visit the was October 18, 2007. This is my SEO experiment like what others did, to encourage the inflow of more traffic to the site. With the result i am happy to what i have accomplish so far.

With the key word text paradise am currently on the top spot on Yahoo searchand as I said 7 and 8 for Google search respectively.In other key words relating to messages and text I am not far behind my the top spot, I always be on the 3 or 4 page of Yahoo or Google search engines.

I been in Google top spot for key words text paradise so making back to that top position is not new to me anymore, just little enhancement to my SEO knowledge and some experiments – am ready to go…

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