I have deposited my money to my Unionbank’s EON card just early today, for the amount of six thousand pesos, just to have a money just in-case needs arises. As usual i log-in to my account to check if what i have deposited reflected already as deposit and indeed it is reflected to my transaction history.

Because I am new to the function of EON, tried each functions when i tried the transfer function i got dismayed, (huhuhu) the transaction password i key in is invalid, not correct, void… I totally forgot my password for this account… For security purposes i have different password for each of my online accounts to make sure if someone knows my password in any account they will not used it to my other accounts…

Password request
You will given three times to key in the correct password, and i did key in three different password and all are invalid, end result i got some other functions temporarily unavailable specially the transfer function. So I emailed the customer service to ask for a new password, but they will not ordinarily give you new password as their kind security for its customer.So i still need to call the customer service after all. I dont will not forget my password again..

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