After the Justin Timberlake and Beyonce on Saturday Night Live performance that created buzz around the world this time its Kanye West. IF the dancing duo of Timberlake and Beyonce made you laugh not the performance of Grammy Award winner Kanye West.

Fans are outraged because they are not expecting a poor performance from Kanye West and worst they are thinking the SNL performance was just Lip-Sync performance. But SNL and Kanye West claim that there are some technical problems, technology that correct high note and low notes for example.

Here is the excerpt of a blog entry from Blender Burner about the Kanye West on SNL:

That day was last Saturday, when West performed on Saturday Night Live. Dude did not sound good. He was more American Idol blooper reel than Grammy-winning polished performer. So what was the problem? Well, it had something to do with the Auto-Tune feature–you know the part of “Love Lockdown” where he sings about a system overload and losing control? Well, he was living it! And it was also pretty clear that when he got to the high notes, he pulled away from the mic and let an offstage singer handle the tough stuff. The bottom line is that we saw behind the curtain of Kanye West’s seemingly impenetrable awesomeness. So was it satisfying to witness the world’s most egocentric rapper all exposed on national television? No, no it was not. People were outraged. How dare he…sound so bad!

Kanye West on Saturday Night Live (video)

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