Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippines National Hero, is celebrating his death anniversary this coming December 30, 2007 unlike with Andress Bonifacio Day where people celebrating or commemorating the birth of Bonifacio. Ever since elementary days, Jose Rizal’s life and deeds were taught to every Filipino, inculcating his greatest in attaining the Independence.

There are some issues being tackle by some historians about Rizal being the Philippines’ National Hero. Others believe that the rightful person to be called National Hero is Bonifacio himself. Some questioned the criteria used in placing Rizal into that state of recognition. Why and who chose Rizal for that title? It was the Americans who tagged Rizal to be the National Hero, not the Filipino people or Filipino leaders had given the opportunity to choose out own National Hero.

Others are sentimental about the issue who should be the rightful person(dead person actually) fitted for the title. We may have different beliefs about who is who?, but at the end of the day they both qualified for the title as well as the thousands Filipino people fighting for the freedom and Independence. We should be proud of the our accomplishments, we did celebrate the 100 years of Independence not just long ago. A symbol that we could proud of, while others are still fighting for their independence, we are now fighting for our mark or place in global economy.

A blessing and thanks to Rizal and his relatives who are living today with us. I thank you for the independence I am experiencing now.

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