Tomorrow I will be staying alone in a hotel room, it will be a boring experience i guarantee. Watching television the whole day savoring each moment every corner, every drops of water, every knock on the door and many more. Yes, That’s what will happen tomorrow, Staying in the hotel all the long. The hotel room supposedly for my two friends coming here in Baguio City for one day stay.

The plan really was for them to come up here and tour the city and the following day they will leave for Manila. When the idea came up, i volunteered to look for a Hotel for them to stay, i booked the reservation last December 25 using my Unionbank’s EON card and also bought return tickets for Manila.

When they informed me that plan will not push through, I am bit sad. It was canceled and whatever the reason was i cannot undo my reservation anymore so i have no choice but to be at the hotel. Spend ever seconds and minutes there, it will be also a blessing in disguised because it will be my opportunity to meditate and think back of what I am going to do in the near future.

Maybe i will just invite my friends to join me in another adventure of staying in a hotel room all day long. Playing cards, watching television or even make a scandal (nah, another fantasy i have in mind), what will it be i don’t know yet… I really don’t know, staying alone in a hotel? What do you think i will do? 🙂

By the way, to those who want to go here in Baguio and want some hotel accommodation in advance, feel free to contact me at this number for more details… +639216169260. Happy New Year guys.

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