Inside Adsense on ads placements

Today google adsense today warm publishers on not putting ads below misleading titles or section heading. Read the post adsense blog here.

Fearing that i will be violating the Adsense TOS, I made some modifcation on the temhplates of my site, if you can see i transferred my ads now below on every post.. Its better to be safe than sorry.

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Mylot space

During the the time when my site is down, i joined Mylot to ease my boredom, posting comment and starting discussion here and there. But after five days, am still posting in Mylot, it is addicting to join discussions, sharing what you think and what others think.

Before I did not bother to visit the site when someone refer my to join the site. But right now its like that Mylot has a spell that keep me posting and posting discussions. Am getting excited whether is new comments to the discussion i started whether their comments really worth the reading. What makes this site more exciting is the incentives program they give its members. They will credit your earnings for every discussion started and discussion you commented.

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Happy Anniversary to Lessonko, my beloved site is celebrating its first year of existence. It was on March 22, last year when this site came to existence with the primary purpose is to be the online resources of my sister, my sister is a college professor at the University of the Cordilleras, but it didn’t work out as expected. So I converted it to my personal blog.

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Lessons on Smoking

Smoking is the one of the vices the every country want to minimized, due to the proven facts that it is not good to anyone’s health. A tickling bomb that anytime it pleases will self destruct leaving the host body killing itself.

Government Warning smoking is not good for your health.

This is commonly seen in every cigarette pack, Well, its good to know that the government is concern with the health of its citizenry. Should we salute them for that gesture? We have our own opinion for the said query.

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Graduation Day

I am very excited for my upcoming graduation day this March 29, 2008. Its been a while since my graduation in high school, now the my college life will come to an end. After of more that six years in college, i can’t believe that i will feel this happiness in me. My hard work and the sweats that came through me will be satisfied by this once and a lifetime event – my graduation day…

Maybe some you notice that why only after 6 long years?, there some stories behind it, I am a working student at the University of Baguio. Being a Student assistant our subject loading is limited only up to some units, naturally i will be delayed considering the fact also that my course is Accountancy…

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MY unlucky day

I hate this day…. I work hard today bearing in mind the fruits that i will be reaping at the end of the week, to my dismay, it will not be the weekend I foresee. Maybe you are wondering what the hell I am talking about, yes- what a hell, i feel like hell today.

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