MY unlucky day

I hate this day…. I work hard today bearing in mind the fruits that i will be reaping at the end of the week, to my dismay, it will not be the weekend I foresee. Maybe you are wondering what the hell I am talking about, yes- what a hell, i feel like hell today.

I am cashiering this day at University cashier, and what is common with the job of cashiers-shortage! I was short Six thousand pesos (P6,000.00), how will i pay this huge shortage? Though, everything is not final yet, i consider this day as my Unluckiest day so far. Maybe i just double punch the amount when i encoded it, or other reason still i have to find out tomorrow, because I can’t check it now the server is no longer online…

Instead of me earning my honorarium for this week I am in dangering of paying such shortage… hahaha hehehe, am going crazy… I hope not, and I hope that i could find the reason for this shortage tomorrow…

Pag minamalas ka nga naman, bumubuhos parang ulan… Happy weekends to you guys

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