I learned from Marhgil that his friend Caryl was banned from adsense due to invalid clicks her site generates for the period of time. Disappointment will be the initial reaction anyone could make if you will be banned from adsense.

I also read the story like Marhgil did, there could be a lot of reasons why invalid clicks happen and most cases if Google charge or presume that your site your generating invalid clicks, reinstatement of your adsense account is inevitable impossible.

What lesson can this impart in our daily life? Well, being persistence and honest always do help a lot in reversing bad situations we experienced and going to experience. Let us be thankful to people like them whom shared and impart knowledge that we could use in our journey in life.

As I always believe “big or small is still a lessons to learn”, just learn to open our eyes and appreciate the beauty of what we called life.

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