Money Bookers paypal in the making?

Moneybookers.comAs Paypal making it big in sending and collecting money through email address, another player enter the scene trying also to make big waves as Paypal did in online arena. Money Bookers like Paypal also need a bank account or debit/credit card before your account get activated.

Money booker, as stated in their website is easy to use and convenient. But what i like most about this program is that you can also earn some bucks while being a member. How?, for each friend you refers Money bookers will pay you 100 Euro crediting your account. Wow, that a lot of money if you refer all of your friends to use Money Booker along side with paypal.

You like to earn your first Euro, why not register now and refer all your friends to use Moneybooker. You can register to moneybooker here!


  1. @julia, yup you can use your EON card in withdrawing funds also in registering in the program
    @Entreprenars, thanks for the info.. nice blog you got there…

  2. Hello Juler,
    I’ll be reading their site if it’s reliable,bago palang kasi eh.Thanks for visiting my blog,yeah we can sure exchange link,add mo ko,add kita ngayon.Kita nako ang Mindanao blog,Bisaya ka noh?taga davao baya ko.

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