Smoking is the one of the vices the every country want to minimized, due to the proven facts that it is not good to anyone’s health. A tickling bomb that anytime it pleases will self destruct leaving the host body killing itself.

Government Warning smoking is dangerous to your health.

This is commonly seen in every cigarette pack, Well, its good to know that the government is concern with the health of its citizenry. Should we salute them for that gesture? We have our own opinion for the said query.

Now lets focus on the lessons smoking impart to us, to our daily life routine, and as well as its effects to your soul as a human being.

  • Health Matter, we all know as it is a given fact that smoking is really and indeed not good for our health, it is a hazard, the nicotine build up and others harmful or hazardous chemical s a single stick can bring.
  • Behavior matter, behavior of smoking individual is far from that of non-smoking, their behavior is unpredictable, easily piss off, all the time hard tempered.
  • Grooming, this my favorite, grooming is affected by smoking. Yellow shiny teeth, blackened gums and lips, unpleasant breath(its disgusting! MAX candy wont help!), and rugged skincells.
  • Financial constraint, it is ironic to know that we’re paying to destroy our being for a single stick everyday.., as a matter of fact we are not only destroying ourselves but as well as the second degree smokers, the the one who inhales the smokes of the hardcore smokers. Who wants to pay for his death? Smokers of course!
  • Government actions, Well i already mention that government showed some precaution, as far as they know they done their their job my by providing information about the effect of smoking. They cannot totally eradicate the smoking industry down, why not? well the fact shows that chunk or rather big chunk of revenue the government generates came from this industry the killer industry, as much as the government want to protect its people,the government needs funds to support its expenses. The Fiscal Adequacy of sound taxation principle.

Smoking is a way of life of some of us, knowing the facts about it and getting the facts in action is another thing, if and when they continue smoking they knew the rest and by that the end result just waiting to happen.

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