Happy Anniversary to Lessonko

Lessonko.com, my beloved site is celebrating its first year of existence.  It was on March 22, last year when this site came to existence with the primary purpose is to be the online resources of my sister, my sister is a college professor at the University of the Cordilleras, but it didn’t work out as expected. So I converted it to my personal blog.

Whats funny about it was in the they itself, March 22, my site was not online because I paid my hosting fees late making my site un-operational for more than 4 days. Four days of not posting in my site, four long days that’s that it takes for me to miss my beloved site…

Happy Anniversary Lessonko.com I wishing we could go along way in this blogging world.


  1. Hi,visiting your site.If you wanna exchange link,please let me know.I wanna congratulate your site for turning one last March 22.Keep it up!Cheers!

  2. @ deric, Sayang nga dahil two time nang na corrupt ang database ko… kung di nagyari un… marami na akong post articles sa website kong ito… Thanks for the visit…
    @prily, i already add you up… please visit again…Ü

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