During the the time when my site is down, i joined Mylot to ease my boredom, posting comment and starting discussion here and there. But after five days, am still posting in Mylot, it is addicting to join discussions, sharing what you think and what others think.

Before I did not bother to visit the site when someone refer my to join the site. But right now its like that Mylot has a spell that keep me posting and posting discussions. Am getting excited whether is new comments to the discussion i started whether their comments really worth the reading. What makes this site more exciting is the incentives program they give its members. They will credit your earnings for every discussion started and discussion you commented.

So far they credit my account $0.18 for my 20 posts, not bad – I enjoy what I am doing and at the same time I have the opportunity to earn a little. Join me in Mylot and lets be friend and shares our ideas to the world…

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