Inside Adsense on ads placements

Today google adsense today warm publishers on not putting ads below misleading titles or section heading. Read the post adsense blog here.  

Fearing that i will be violating the Adsense TOS, I made some modifcation on the temhplates of my site, if you can see i transferred my ads now below on every post.. Its better to be safe than sorry.

I just learned it from brother Marhgil of about this, thanks kuya Marhgil, by the way my graduation was just finished early this morning… Hahaha First thing ive done after graduation posting this article… Good day guys


  1. You give me a smile when u said u put this post right after graduation.hehehe!some people after their graduation they have good time outside. Oh well,i guess your good time is blogging.hehehe!that is fair enough.Well,my friend,congratulations!you’re simply amazing!

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