Wisdom teeth Really Hurts

Wisdom tooth or teeth start growing at the age of from ages 19-22, the presence of wisdom teeth indicates that we are really teenager to early adult stage of our life. Its been two years now when my first wisdom tooth appear, but now it really bothers me I always in pain because of my wisdom teeth.

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Manila Ocean Park – on target

We will be going to visit the newly opened Manila Ocean Park as our summer adventure escapade! Yes, we’re going to Manila Ocean Park the Philippines answer to Hong Kong’s ever famous Sentosa Oceanarium.

We leave Baguio City tomorrow night around 9:30 PM, We’ll hit the road by Bus via Victory Liner. It would be the whole Sunday adventure, will be staying at my Boss house at Quezon City. At this early stage am excited to experience the under the sea experience that Manila Ocean Park can offer. Barracudas, sharks, rays, etc.. wish I can touch them….

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