Wisdom tooth or teeth start growing at the age of from ages 19-22, the presence of wisdom teeth indicates that we are really teenager to early adult stage of our life. Its been two years now when my first wisdom tooth appear, but now it really bothers me I always in pain because of my wisdom teeth.

It really hurt, my wisdom teeth continue to grow and while growing it pushes the big molar creating an undeniably a hell of a pain… Usually the pain starts during the night and worse before I sleep, that’s why i always take pain reliever before sleeping to ease the pain.

I consulted a dentist about my pain producing wisdom teeth, because i really like to be free from pain, i tell you tooth ache is the worst pain in the whole world it affect all parts of the body… I remember also when we visited Manila Oceanarium it distracted my a little bit but because I am busy for the tour it soon fade away…

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