Smart Bro Got Me connected

Smart BroToday am posting this article using the internet connection provided by SmartBro, Smart Communication arm for Broadband connection, at my own convince here at our house… Good bye Internet shop! I always update this site usually when i am visiting Internet Cafe or at school internet library, with this i can stay online as long as want without worrying of time I spend as well as the money am going to pay for the rentals.

I applied for this service two days ago, after i paid the initial payment they finally install the paraphernalia they need. The installation last only for 25 minutes. I only paid the total amount of Php 1,398 for one month subscription of the service, the amount composed of 999 for monthly and 399 for the the 4GB flash drive bundled with the plan.

For More detail you can visit the Smartbro homepage or call them at (02) 672-7277.


  1. @QhiQ, yup, connected na ako forever hehehe, i will get the flash drive on monday, three days after installation daw available na ung drive disk…
    @ar-wee-der-yet, don’t you worry i will surely keep you updated about the service… thanks also for visiting…

  2. I signed my application form na rin for SmartBro. Sana maganda ang service taliwas sa aking naririnig sa paligid-ligid regarding technical difficulties they are facing with SmartBro. Sa hindi nalalayong future..magiging konektado na rin ako. Hehe…

    CONGRATS seu! 😀

  3. “Nice review you got there… Nice and Brief…”

    Looks like I have a lot to learn before I can whip out long winded, deeply detailed reviews like this one.

    Rocks and glass houses don’t mix well, buddy.

    Nice post.

  4. Hi Juler,

    Why Smart Bro? Like we have other choices, they (ISPs) all suck anyway. By the way, please check out this post of mine. I hope you’re getting better speeds than that.

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