After of long six months of preparations made for the CPA board Exam and after the 4 days of mental battle, my friend dear friend, Esmie is now a CPA. The results of the Recent concluded CPA board exam was just release late this evening. Now she is proud to put the three big letter after her name, ESMERALDA T. RULLODA, CPA! It feels great to know that the long dreams of my dear friend is now a reality.

She Passed together with our common friend Analiza Pelaez! Congratulations to them. Now that they are CPAs all I wish for is that they will treat me tomorrow. Hahaha of course it is custom now to have a little celebration after achieving such goals in life.

Though some of our friends didn’t make it, we still happy that next time they will achieve what they want to achieve. Regarded as one of the hardest Board Exam in the Country, passing it just prove that you are really qualified to be there. We all know that it just not ended  there, the journey continues to another level – the real word. Again am happy to Congratulates my dear friend for being CPA now.

You can also view the complete list of Successful passers here.

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