Hi there folks and avid readers of this blog. Pardon if it had take time for me to update this blog. Last week was a busy one and I couldn’t find time to make some post here.

For this post, I’ll talk about blogging, the reason why do you blog and the goals you want to achive from blogging. Let me ask you this simple question, Why do you blog? What are the things you want to achieve through the help of blogging?

I know that each one of us has different reasons and goals why do we blog. Hmmmm, let me share you my own opinion and side for that. Hehehe. Frankly speaking, on the first time that I heard about blogs and blogging, I’ve asked myself? What was that blogs are for? An online personal diary? Yikes!!! I told myself, I’m not interested. That would be a waste of my time. But, as one of my friend/officemate told me that I can earn decent money from blogging, hahaha (laughing out loud), I’ve made my first blog on that day!!!! I know that it’s not that good to hear, at first I do blog for money. That’s the time I’ve made my very first blog, Make Money w/ Gusher. On that blog, I’ve listed and posted all the possible ways of making money online. Money, money, money. It’s all the thing that came into my mind when I do blog on my first months in the world of blogospehere.

Until the time that I do realize the true concept of blogging. There’s the friendship, unity, and the freedom to express one’s emotions and outlooks in life. Friendship and unity, I’ve met many new friends, buddies, and great people through blogging. And Juler, owner of this blog, was one of those great people and friend I’ve met. The cooperation and unity among bloggers was one of the best things I’ve learned in blogging. “No man is an Island”, as the golden rule says. Now, I do blog not because of money that I could have from it, I do blog because I love it. I do blog because of my new found blogger friends and to build a stronger relationship with them. I do blog because of my blog’s avid readers and visitors. And I do blog to express my own opinions and outlooks in my life.

What about you? Why do you blog?

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