Alexa Rankings, maybe most of you have heard that word and you are familiar of it, and every blogger wants to have high traffic rank from it. First thing is, what is an Alexa Rank? Alexa Rank is the corresponding traffic levels for blogs/websites and it is measured according to the amount of users who’ve visited a website using the Alexa Toolbar installed.

Bloggers in the blogosphere are eager to have a high Alexa Rankings on their blogs. Most especially when you are trying to make money online. But why? How does Alexa Rank affects your blog rankings on the blogosphere? On my own opinion, Alexa Rank plays an important role on blog monetization (aside from Page Rank). Most of the advertisers online looks for blogs and websites having higher Alexa Rank when they want to do a transaction for it such as paid posts, and paid links and many more. Having a higher Alexa Rank means you’re having a good rank on the blogosphere ( hehehe, that’s what I think, please correct me if I’m wrong).

There are a lot of ways on how to boosts your Alexa Rankings in a matter of weeks or months. Many bloggers and website owners have been practicing this ways to improve their Alexa Ranks. Just like what I’ve done on my blog. Few months ago, my Alexa Rankings was having a 1.5 million traffic rank. I’ve searched online on how to increase my Alexa Rank and made an experiment on my blog. And I’m happy to say that my “experiment” went good. Now I’m enjoying the 400k Alexa Rankings on my blog. Eventhough that’s not very high compared to bloggers but I’m satisfied that my “little experiment on how to increase Alexa Rankings” had work on my blog. Maybe you could try that one too. As the golden sayings say, “there’s no harm on trying.” 😉

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