Having a credit card really meant something to a lot of people including my sister. She is busy last few months applying for credit card for every bank as possible as of the moment she had a total of ten credit cards and two more to come from other credit card provider. My sister uses this card as her investment tools, she cash out the cash and invested it to other lending institution which earns a much higher interest. By doing such technique she can get pay the interest in the credit card as well as getting return in her investment.

I wish i could do the same, but because i don’t have still a job, I can’t apply for any credit card as certificate of employment is a must requirement in getting your application approved by banks. All that i got is a debit card form Unionbank which is the easiest way of getting my paypal account approved or verified aside from that I got nothing more. So this make me wonder if there is anything or any ways of getting a loans for students like me, I can’t apply for any cash advance loans or faxless loans as i said earlier they required you a certificate of employment. I hope that soon having a loan is easy as pie but i doubt it will happen in todays world of banking and credit transactions.

For the time being I could ask for an allowance for my sister as she got the money and i don’t have the money hahaha. Is there anyone here who could give me an advance loan for my future pay check? Hope that you contact me because I will be needing that money.

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