For the second time I send Bloggerwave an email asking for an explanation why they for the second time I did not receive any payment for the jobs I’ve done in their behalf. The first letter was sent last month asking for the the same reasons why they are in delays in making payments for the opportunity bloggers did for them.

Am not greedy, you may think I am but I’m not. I think it is very rational to ask why there is delay in their obligations, knowing the reasons would resolved the issue about non payment. As a blogger it is my right to ask for the compensation for the jobs i did, i think any one would agree with me. The moment I accept the offer I and Bloggerwave are contractually bound to honor such obligations.

The main issue here is not about the payment, it about word of honor and the responsibity of honoring such obligations. Its okay with we if they will not pay for the jobs I’ve done, all they have to do is to told me not only but the others as well. I have given them enough time to answer back for the queries i raised, two months i think is reasonable time. They can come out with their answers but no answers till now.

Advertising business is now saturated, everyday there are about hundreds of company joining this field. With that survival is another story to look into, and for me surviving this saturated business word of honor is a must. That what makes TLA, SponsoredReviews, Smorty, Blogvertise among others survive the the competition.

I am not closing my doors to Bloggerwave, they still have time to answer back to the questions raised and to depend their honor as honor cannot be baought and cannot be sold.

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