How Watch Beijing Olympics 2008 Online for Free? There are many ways on how to watch Beijing 2008 Olympics for free. May sites are offering the service of free video streaming at your comfort – at home.

You can search How to Watch Beijing Olympics 2008 Online for Free in the Google, Yahoo or MSN and it will give you dozens of sites which is not offering really the service they are spam site trying to get traffic.

But there are some that who are really offering free videos streams for you to used it could be live or replayed. Here are some of sites which can offer you to watch Beijing Olympics for free.

1. NBC – They offer both live and replayed videos for free just visit there site for Olympics coverage.
2. Yahoo Australia – Yahoo is coverage is extensive you can watch here video.
3. Get live Olympics 2008 coverage at CCTV.
4. Olympics Official Site’s Video
5. Or you can visit BBC

You have the choice, the list is top 5 ways of viewing Beijing Olympics for free. I recommend NBC, they most of the time offers the free video streaming.

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