My Olympics Beijing 2008 Traffic Decreasing

I don’t expect that SEO would be fun but I am wrong, mixed emotions could be experienced if your do SEO. When I first try my luck to optimized the latest 2008 Beijing Olympics I never expect to be on the top of the SERPs. After a day of my first post am on the top of the SERPs already that gives me the thrilled am looking for, of course the earnings follows.

2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally Visitors

For three days am been enjoying a lot of visitors from all over the world every minute new visitors comes in looking for updates on latest Beijing 2008 Olympics Medal Tally, for three days also am enjoying a 1000% in my Adsense earnings as it help me cross the $200 mark.

But it was not long before the traffic goes down, as other bloggers are also optimizing in Olympics battling each others to gain the top spot in SERPs. What ironic about it the more i want to be in the top my posting more articles about it the more i slip down in the rankings. It just show that am not really understand the SEO system yet.


  1. Juler,

    That’s ok. Don’t worry too much about it, in my experience with SEO (although limited), I’ve seen sites (including my own) slid down the ladder of the SERPS. Try coming up with more articles that you like and optimize them individually. Do some keyword resarch. If for each article you can get 10-20 unique visitors per day (more is better), soon your site will enjoy a long-term traffic and stabilize your adsense earnings. Good luck to all your endeavours.

    PS> I don’t do TLA in any of my sites. 🙂

  2. ganyan talaga ang Search Engine behavior, minsan mataas traffic minsan mababa.. ang importante sa Olympics SEO is the experience and the lessons na eventually mai apply mo for your future SEO projects.. 🙂

    just keep on researching keywords and write some posts about it.

    “ang huminto – walang dollars” – – – 🙂

    yun lang po, have a nice day.

  3. Hello guys, true enough this olympics SEO taught me a lot of lessons, you will not always be on top, and traffic means money hahaha… Now am glad i tried this time!

  4. @Lestat, hehehe am just curious kasi if your earning that big hindi lang iisa blog mo hehehe,

    @lady, hala ganun naba ang reputation namin ni gusher? hehehe ok lang comment guys hehhe ang pangit ata..

  5. wow astig, tahimik ka lang pero ang galing mo pla sa SEO. 8K site visitors a day? ayos yan bro 🙂 by the way, nag sign up ako sa $250 paypal, customorderthis affiliate mo 😉 cheers 🙂

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