Bigfoot once again is a super hot topic over the news, as Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer a policeman and a former correction officers claims that they have found a deceased body of a bigfoot in the forest north of Georgia. Their discovery of the said creature just proved that the legendary creature was indeed real, but others are skeptical that discover is hoax.

During the press conference, the two were accompanied by Tom Biscardi, Searching for Bigfoot’s CEO, showing a photo/pictures of Bigfoot (Sasquatch) also they said the that DNA results are available for the authenticity of the bigfoot existence.

What is Sasquatch?
Sasquatch is the Native American word for large, hairy, apelike creatures that supposedly roam the woods of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. There have been hundreds of Sasquatch (or Bigfoot, as they are also known) sightings since the mid-nineteenth century. The majority of them have occurred in the Pacific Northwest, although sightings have been reported throughout the United States and Canada.

Here is the recorded sightings of Bigfoot in the history records. (from wikipedia)

  • 1924: Fred Beck claimed in an 1967 book that he and four other miners were attacked in July, 1924, by several “apemen” throwing rocks in an area later called Ape Canyon. This case was publicized in newspaper reports printed in 1924. Speleologist William Halliday argued in 1983 that the story arose from an incident in which hikers from a nearby camp had thrown rocks into the canyon.
  • 1941: Jeannie Chapman and her children claimed to have escaped their home when a large sasquatch, allegedly 7½ feet tall, approached their residence in Ruby Creek, British Columbia.
  • 1940s onward: People living in Fouke, Arkansas have reported that a Bigfoot-like creature, dubbed the “Fouke Monster”, inhabits the region. A high number of reports have occurred in the Boggy Creek area and are the basis for the 1973 film The Legend of Boggy Creek.
  • 1955: William Roe claimed to have seen a close-up view of a female sasquatch from concealment near Mica Mountain, British Columbia.
  • 1958: Two construction workers, Leslie Breazale and Ray Kerr, reported seeing a sasquatch about 45 miles northeast of Eureka, California. Sixteen-inch tracks had previously been spotted in the northern California woods.
  • 1967: On October 20, 1967, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin captured a purported sasquatch on film in Bluff Creek, California in what would come to be known as the Patterson-Gimlin film.
  • 1970: A family of bigfoot-like creatures called “zoobies” was allegedly observed on multiple occasions by a San Diego psychiatrist named Dr. Baddour and his family near their Alpine, California home, as reported in an interview with San Diego County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Doug Huse, who investigated the sightings.
  • 1995: On August 28, 1995, a TV film crew from Waterland Productions pulled off the road into Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and filmed what they claimed to be a sasquatch in their RV’s Headlights.[40]
  • 2005: On April 16, 2005, A creature resembling a bigfoot was reportedly seen on the bank of the Nelson River in Norway House, Manitoba. Two minutes and forty seconds of footage was taken by ferry operator Bobby Clarke from across the Nelson River.
  • 2006: On December 14, 2006, Shaylane Beatty, a woman from the Dechambault Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada, was driving to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan when, she claimed, saw the creature near the side of the highway at Torch River. Several men from the village drove down to the area and found footprints, which they tracked through the snow. They found a tuft of brown hair and took photographs of the tracks.
  • 2007: On September 16, 2007, in the Allegheny National Forest near the town of Ridgway, Pennsylvania, Pennsyvania, hunter Rick Jacobs captured an image of an animal using an automatically triggered camera attached to a tree which some claimed was Bigfoot. A spokesperson for the Pennsylania Game Commission challenged the Bigfoot explanation, saying that it looked like “a bear with a severe case of mange.”
  • 2008: In July, Berry-pickers reported a sasquatch sighting in northern Ontario, Canada.
  • 2008: In August 2008, two hikers, Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton, claimed that they had discovered the body of a deceased Sasquatch in a forest in northern Georgia. Dyer and Whitton contacted Tom Biscardi, a long-time Bigfoot enthusiast, to look at the body. One sample of genetic material, supposedly from the alleged remains of the Bigfoot, has been shown to contain human DNA and another sample opossum DNA, while a third has been inconclusive for technical reasons. Biscardi claims that the opossum DNA could be attributed the stomach contents of the carcass.

There are still many unknown and unsolved mysteries in our world every day new discoveries is eminent, it just proved that we have so much to learn from nature and from our very own Earth. How can we conquer Mars if in our own planet we cannot fully understand first?

Personally if you asked me if Bigfoot really exist, then my answer would be yes, it existed that long since the STAR WARS was born. You knew Chewbacca he is a Sasquatch. hahaha

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