Finally My Adsense Earnings at hand! After a year of staggered blogging my first ever Adsense is on my hand. In the time span of one year I learned a lot with no particular subject for that matter. Yesterday i went to Western Union’s office along Session Road to get my first ever Adsense earnings. It is really an amazing experience – excited and bit nervous.

Then the money is on my hand. I know everyone who got their first Adsense payment is excited as I am, knowing that you earned you hard earned earnings. Well the amount is not that big really, it is only $108.15 just enough to reach the minimum payout set by Google. It amounted to P4,974.90 in Pesos, enough to paint smile to my face, this is as what i said earlier a product of one year staggered blogging. You can say that i should have earned more enough if am blogging for a year now but this is just what i earn from blogging whole year, it was just recently when I got more traffic, mostly from my fellow bloggers also.

Am expecting my second payment in the end of the month, this time it would be much higher than this one thanks to the help of the Olympics visitors they are the one give me an exceptional earnings for August earning as high as $300. Thanks for my post 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count and Tally for making this earnings possible. This inspired me to blog even more and to blog more intelligently which could translate to more better earning performance.

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