50 foot spider on the loose and it is creating havoc in Liverpool right now. If you think that Beatles is the largest insect then you are wrong because this giant spider is. With the height of 50 feet and weight more than 40 tons literally you will be crushed like insects! Check the photos of the 50 foot spider hanging at the side of this building.

50 foot spider
The BBC claims that it will be “exploring the city” sometime on Friday evening—which I interpret as “embarking on a rampage throughout the city, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.” And if you see 12 people strapped inside its steel and wood frame, make no mistake—those people are victims and are in no way controlling the 50 points of articulation. [BBC]

With this giant spider around havoc and destruction is inevitable, thank God it is not in the Philippine Soil. Image from(gizmodo.com)

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