Charice Video on Oprah

Charice the international singing sensation once again hit the airwaves as she was on famous show Oprah for the second time. Charice was first seen in Oprah when the show featured ten outstanding Children in the world. Now this time the shows highlight was on her, her childhood memories and her life when she was still on her younger years.

Here Charice Video on Oprah watch it to know what am saying.

Here is the part two of Charice Video this time Celine Dion inviting Charice to sing with her at Madison Square Garden.


  1. hi there.. charice.. charice..charice.. i dont like her..
    sorry ha.. pero no question about her voice, maganda talaga boses nya.. masyado lang syang OA.. sori…

    pero.. good luck charice…

  2. @ ice, heheh uu nga medyo may pag ka OA nga xa minsan kumanta lalo na last sunday sa asap hehe. .pero ok xa kumanta galing. .siguro style nya lang un hehe..naku panigurado malayo mararating ng batang yan baby na yan ni david foster diba. .congrats to our charice. .:)

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