Salaman Institute is referred as Pioneer School for the fact that it is the first high school institution founded on February 14, 1948 in suburbs area of Sultan Kudarat – Lebak.  Salaman Institute put up the Salaman Communal Irrigation System covering 800 hectares of rice land for agricultural productivity purposes during the early years of the Institution.

I cannot speak for its early history as I myself don’t know how it looks back then, I am part of the younger generations of Salamanian. I do wonder what the classroom looks like back then, who were the first mentors and first Principal as well as the first Valedictorian of my Beloved Alma Mater. In any history the first is always memorable and treasured, but due to the fact that there is no written history about Salaman Institute those momentous events are not shared with younger generation Alumni like me.

If I cannot speak about its early history i can and able to speak about its history in the making when i was with my Alma Mater. My freshmen was memorable very much memorable! It was then the Golden foundation of Salaman Institute aside from that it was also the year that am embarrassed of myself. First day of school all was on their long pants except me I on my short pants… (hehehe feeling ko elementary parin ako) You can read more about our batch history here.

For me Salaman Institute is the finest high school in Lebak, Sultan Kudarat not because it is my Alma Mater but because of its accomplishment through the years. Salaman Insitute’s History is the leaving testament of such accomplishments and greatness. Hmmm, I missed my high school days it brings back old treasured memories.

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