“Made in China” this what we always see in products that came from China, but there is more about the phrase. It is commonly associated with poor quality of product usually produce by mass production. It is a given fact that mass production sacrifices quality to give way to quantity.

After couple of scandals associated with China’s products like formalin in candies, high lead content it Mattel’s dolls and toys – another scandal surfaced this time to its Milk products. Reports from State Xinhua news agency state that there are about 59 babies were suffering from kidney stones as a result of consuming the milk powder, resulting in at least one death.

As the news spread out about the contaminated Milk powder also know as “fake milk powder” many people came out reporting the same symptoms after their babies take the milk product in question. It is very alarming to know that basic commodity like milk is contaminated not a good sign of control quality for the manufactures and also not a good regulation function of China’s agency especially its Health Department.

Initial investigation confirmed the milk powder tainted with the industrial chemical melamine was responsible for the spate of kidney problems in babies nationwide. Amidst of this controversy the state declared that severe punishment will implemented to those who are responsible for the contaminated milk.

Pointing whose to blame doesn’t matter now what important now is a swift removal of all contaminated product to the market so it will not contaminate and cause more damage to health and life of babies which is the primary users of the contaminated milk.

Here is China Milk Scandal Video

This Fake Milk Scandal in China may also happened here we should be careful in all products we will going to use specially those products that will go inside our body.

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