This question has always been lurking inside my head for quiet a while now. I have to let it out in this blog (and yes this is a guest post), since Juler has been experiencing some Google Indexing Denials, for the past days now, as far as I know of 🙂 Am I right Juler boy?

I have seen this quiet alarming on my side, or maybe I was not doing it the right way, OR …. my being newbie to Blogging and SEO ability haven’t gone to some levels yet until now, that Google seem to have been very prompt almost real time in catching up with my new blog posts – I get indexed almost right after a few minutes I hit the “Publish” button. BUT, whenever I try to edit or update such post, Google seem to apply some kind of relaxation, as if saying that, “Uh, I’ve gone to your page boy, just a while ago”. Thus, my SEO updates get ignored for certain span of time. Sometimes, it reaches days.

On the other hand, Juler’s case looks like some kind of Indexing Prioritization. Some of his previous posts, which used to be found on page 1, now lurks at the edge of the Google continent. He was complaining that maybe Google penalized him for something. Strange thing is, upon releasing his new posts, it gets indexed right away, and after a few minutes, its gone into the Google wilderness. I am clueless actually, so in the end, we partially concluded to just concentrate on getting index by Yahoo. Oh, well, I hope these gripes get resolved sooner.

How about you guys? You SEO gurus out there, what do you think is wrong along the way? Was I being too impatient or just plain n00b? What’s wrong with Juler’s blogging method?

Comment away!

dimaks, blogging in Tsukuba, Japan.

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