This might just be a theory but as far as getting Google Pagerank (PR) is concerned and PR of the blogs or websites that link to you / you link to is a factor in computing the algorithm, you can exploit the links that came with the free blog themes that you downloaded for free. They usually come as footers, containing links to the theme’s author blog and or websites. You just have to be curious to visit those links first if they bear significant Pageranks. If so, shoot that theme and leave the links as is. I saw this or perhaps theorized it upon seeing my less than a month Alternative SEO Blog crowned with a shining PR3. Juler actually posed me a question if those 3 links at the footer were all default. I said, yes they are. Thus, the theory I made here. What do you think?

But of course, it is a different story if you’re banned by Google.

Another guest post from your neighbor dimaks.

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