Today is a very special day, it is because it is my birthday. Yes, you read it right it is my birthday and am expecting some gifts from you guys, I accept donation also. 🙂

Birthday or Natal day as what others called it, is something to celebrate it is the day that a being come to existence but technically speaking we are alive when we are still inside your mothers womb. It was 24 years ago when i first saw lights of this world and from that day am still seeing the same light.

A light that bring us hope, light that guide our ways, light that brighten our days. In our life we are not only sees the light but we also sees the darkness. Darkness that also help build our very being, darkness that is necessary for a candle blowing. lol. I think am out of line and out of idea, its better to take a rest now.

Again today is my special day. Happy Birthday to Me. Best wishes and God bless Me.

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