Skylar Deleon once again hits the newsstands as his trial began Tuesday for murder of a couple, Tom and Jackie Hawks, over a yacht. Skylar Deleon once associated with the the series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is also been charge with murder for burglary in 2003, he pleaded not guilty for both charges.

Report says that Skylar with his former wife Jennifer (De Leon) Henderson pretended to be interested on a half a million yacht and made test cruise. While cruising De Leon Murder the couple by throwing them off the ship since then the bodies of the couple were no where to be found.

Jennifer Henderson was convicted in 2006 of murder and murder for financial gain for her role in the deaths and was sentenced to two terms of life in prison without parole. Other three men involve in the said murder case pleaded not guilty of the charge while one of them is going to testify against De Leon.

Death Penalty
As much as the Hawks family and its prosecutor want a death penalty for Skylar for the murder, defense is making work double hard arguing that his client should not be penalized with death penalty but instead life imprisonment without possibility of a parole. “My goal is simply to save Skylar Deleon’s life,” said by defense attorney Gary Pohlson in his opening statement.

Mental Health
Skylar De Leon Smugshots It July Mr. De Leon tried to saw his penis off with a razor blade and hospitalized his penis was reattached and returned to jail the following day. Deleon was in a mental health ward at the jail in Santa Ana. I don’t know if he is in good mental condition or not it is a psychologist job to determine that, but from what I’ve known you cannot put person into death penalty if he is crazy. So being crazy is defense De Leon could raise to escape death penalty.

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