Today is the expected day for the releasing of the 2008 October CPA Board Examination Results. For those people out there eager to know if they passed one of the hardest board examination your wait is finally over. Hours from now PRC will unveil the list of successful CPA candidates for October 2008 board exam.

This Examination is not only a battle of CPA candidates but among schools, colleges and review centers as well. Everyone will be excited to know who will be the batch topnotcher, who will be the leading University or College, Who will be the top review center etc. Summing all these two things are certain some will pass and some will fail.

I would like to congratulates our new CPAs, God Bless and to GOD be the Glory.
The results will be posted here shortly after we got the list of Successful CPA candidates.

1) CPA Board Exam Results October 2008 (1-800)
2) CPA Board Exam Results October 2008 (801-1600)
3) CPA Board Exam Results October 2008 (1600-2442)

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