I been always receiving spam email about this Acai Berry Cleanse everyday. My email was full of this junk everyday I have a dozen of spam messages to erase. It is to bad spam protection of Yahoomail is not perfectly doing its job.

Seeing this words everyday, every time I check my emails it made me to wonder what this thing really area. I search the net for it as a typical searcher I used wikipedia for information about this Acai Berry that claims can cleanse your body removing toxins we intake in our daily routines.

Acai Berry cleanses body Acai Berry is a fruit of an Acai Palm, a palm that is native to tropical Central and South America, from Belize south to Brazil and Peru, growing mainly in floodplains and swamps. Nutritunal contain of the Acai raw materials contain calories, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, Vitamin C, fat, Vitamin A and Amino acids as well as other nutrients.

Study shows that Acai Berry(pulp) juice is an antioxidant thus help your body fights free radicals out of our system. Studies have demonstrated that blood antioxidant capacity increases within two hours of consuming a commercial Acai juice. We cannot deny the fact that maybe this all is just for advertisements, for profit, research can be done in order to have claims that product is good for the body.

Their are a lot of commercial products act as antioxidant even coffee claims to be one. If we are very careful of what we take and what we put inside our body maybe we don’t need these antioxidant anymore. Discipline is what we really need, if we are careful and eat natural foods then we have our natural defenses against this toxins and free radicals. Be natural.

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