Timoga Cold Spring will be forever treasured by me. Though am not really from Iligan City I loved the city very much. The populace is very kind and generous you feel that you are part of the community. I used to visit Iligan City during vacation time during my elementary days and part highs cool days.

My sister back then was studying in MSU Marawi and My Aunt on the other hand was living at Iligan City specifically at Mahayahay. I set foot for the first time in Iligan City soil in celebration of my sister graduation ceremony, as part of the celebration we went swimming and the best place for swimming in Iligan City is Timoga cold spring.

Timoga Spring is outside the city skirt, it is more or less 9 Kilometer along the National Highway. What make Timoga famous among the visitors and among residents is its cold and crystal clear water free flowing from nature, giving life to Timoga Cold Spring Pools. Water is really cold you better ready your warmth towel we you go swimming.

Of course it was followed by second, third, fourth visit and so on I cannot count how many visit I did during my stay in Iligan City, but it suffice to say that Timoga is really that good place for relaxation. Oh, I forgot to mention that my sister teach in Dela Salle so, i frequently visited her for vacation that’s explain my familiarity with Timoga.

As a matter of fact there are many springs along the national highway but the name Timoga outshine the others. I wonder how Iligan looks now and as well as Timoga, its been years since my last visit there, hopefully I will set my foot once again to that marvelous city.

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