Looking for Halloween Quotes and Text Messages? There are a lot of text messages scattered all over the net, finding good and quality text messages is another stories. Halloween Quotes and text messages are perfect obviously for Halloween season, with all those scary messages you live up the spirit of the celebration.

Here are some of the sample Halloween messages that can chill your bones:

  • There is a group of students in a laboratory, each is holding a bottle of aborted fetus. One of them got her phone ringing and it was her dad. The girl ran screaming outside the lab. Why? Her dad on the other line said, “Where are you? Why is it so noisy, children are crying!” Good night! Happy Halloween!
  • Black magic, voodoo dolls, Skeletons, vampire, witches, Dracula, werewolf, snakes, satan, ghosts, living dead, zombies… They are all that could scare me to death, but they are nothing compare to you… hihihi Happy Halloween

You can also see some of the Halloween text messages online if you like, but what is important is that we know why we are celebrating this kind of event.

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