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Special is something that is not ordinary something that we treasured and something that is magical in existence. There are a lot of things that we could say special to us, a specific day could special to you – let say it is a day when you were born or it is a day that you got married.

Special place for example is where you experience that special moment, either you shared it with your special someone or experienced it by yourself.

Special is relative, something special to you may not be special to me, that’s where i think individuality comes in. Mostly if not of all of us tend to make our earthly life a special one, so special is really a special state of mind which is unique to every individual.

What makes a person special? To be honest we can put thousands of different answers to this one question, bottom line is we don’t have absolute answer to this one.

But isn’t it special if you have someone special at your side? Someone whom you can share your special day, your special place and special moment.

To those special someone of our lives, we hope that you will continue to be part of our lives so we can say that we have a special life, to you we say: I Love You.

This special post is specially dedicated to a special person, a better half of me, that always been there all the time.

I never thought that my mind was out of spatial context of this universe when making this entry.

-paulovillar aka juler

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