Now that the Campaign Trails were finally over, America has two thing left to do, to vote for the next President of The United States of America and to see who will it be. The presidential election formally begun both camps Democrats and Republicans will be busy from now on monitoring Exit polls from state to state…

This 2008 US presidential election will record a history’s first, it is inevitable that history will record another first. Will it be Obama as the first Black President to run America or will it be Sara Palin as the First Female Vice President of The United States of America? Either sides the electing may results may swing, in the end of the day one party will win Republican or Democrats. This will not hinder history to record its “first”.

Today it is expected that hot keywords will be US Exit polls 2008, everybody is exited to track the election results every minute as it permits them to track. Media Networks will be busy doing its live election coverage, blow by blow presentation of exit polls per state. They will also be projecting the big winner via the exit polls they gathered, but nothing is final until last electoral vote is counted.

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