I did nothing today, except to lie down and think of what to do… Its been few days ago I want to update all my blog but nothing came up… Everytime I will open the net it leaves me to blog hopping all my blogs and without knowing it wasting time. There are a lot of topic to post, hot trends to optimize but still my mind is not functioning that well.

Not even the $300 earnings are not making its charm for me to updates this blog along with others, maybe this is because am still penalized by Big G in SERPs. I am easily disappointed my tolerance level is not that high, when one thing get me affected its domino effect all is affected by it. I already send two reconsideration requests to Google but still am not seeing this blog to serps hopefully it will. Dexter on the other hand gets its PR and SERPs, that’s more traffic and more earnings…

I have to find an inspiration, inspiration that could in any way enhance the performance of this blog. I have inspiration right now but this kind of inspiration does not not inspire me to blog. It inspire me to live life and experience what it will give to me. Maybe what i need is another inspiration, or a command I don’t know really. Could anyone out there command me to blog please… hehehe

By the way am been talking so much about other things, the purpose of this post is to tell everybody that i had my haircut today and i did it myself. It saves me a haircut fee. I am bald now. Maybe this new hairdo will make my head clear… Photos on how do i look comming up… 🙂

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