Skylar de Leon known for his non dialogue role in the Power Ranger Series received his verdict Thursday as the jury recommended death. Skylar Deleon, 29, sat motionless as the jury announced its decision following nearly two days of deliberation in Orange County Superior Court.

De Leon was convicted with murder, three count of first degree murder, last month for the crimes he committed. Report says “During the trial’s penalty phase, which took six days, jurors heard statements from victims’ relatives, attorneys, Deleon’s family members and psychiatrists, who offered differing takes on the role child abuse has on a person’s development”

Ryan Hawks, son of murder victims Tom and Jackie Hawks, said he was pleased with the jury’s recommendation of the death penalty.

Skylar ex-wife Henderson was convicted in 2006 of murder and murder for financial gain in the Hawkses’ deaths and was sentenced to two terms of life in prison without parole.

Judge Frank F. Fasel will sentence Deleon on Jan. 16. Till this time the bodies of Hawks were never found.

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