Tonight is the big coronation night of Miss Earth 2008 beauty pageant. Miss Earth Coronation night is being held in Clark Expo Amphitheater in Angeles City, Pampanga.  Pageants other activities were done already and judges have their score card scored, so mainly tonight is just a presentation of the top candidates who did its job in the early round of the competition.

The much anticipated moment of the event will be the declaration of the winner and crowing of this years Miss Earth 2008. Other winner will be also crowned, Miss Water and Miss Fire, who they will be its a matter of hours.

Miss Earth 2008 Winners
Miss Earth ’08 : Miss Philippines -Karla Paula Henry
Miss Air ’08 : Miss Tanzania – Miriam Odemba
Miss Water ’08 : Miss Mexico – Abigail Elizalde
Miss Fire ’08 : Miss Brazil – Tatiane Alves

Special Awards
Miss Photogenic : Miss Philippines
Best In Swimsuit: Miss Mexico
Best in Long Gown: Miss Venezuela

The Semi-finalist were the following: Miss Mexico, Miss Spain, Miss Thailand, Miss Poland, Miss Brazil, Miss Philippines, Miss Nigeria, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Columbia, Miss Romania, Miss USA, Miss Russia, Miss Tanzania, Miss Korea, Miss Venezuela, Miss Switzerland. Other Miss Earth 2008 Candidates...

Congratulations to the winners and all the candidates as well. They are already all winners in their respective country.

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