Vagina Dentata? What does it means? Does it means “no worry”? No it is not the song that you once knew from famous animated film Lion King. Vagina Dentata literally means female genitalia with teeth this was coined by Sigmund Freud.

A little background about vagina dentata: the image of the vagina dentata captured what Freud described as (or perhaps, what Freud experienced as) a fear of castration, a fear that Freud argued all boys (or men) feel upon first seeing female genitalia. Strangely, Freud used the image of the severed head of the snake-haired gorgon Medusa as his representation of the male fear of castration.

Well I made this post because Vagina Dentata got my attention – full attention that is when am watching the movie “Teeth”. It is all about woman that made a promise of abstinence until she found and ready to do so.(Maria Clara Type). This movie is amusing, i think it is rated R there are nude scenes which end up guys loosing its precious birdie – cut off by Vagina Dentata.

So guys be careful choosing whom to do it with you may end up loosing yours! Beware of Vagina Dentata. 🙂

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