I would like to take this chance to throw back the blessings that i got for the last few days to my hosting company, Page.ph, by bringing some if not a large amount of traffic. Lessonko.com is my first domain and my first blog at wordpress blogging flatform, and we have gone a long way being partners, lessonko.com will be hitting its second years of existence March next year.

Maybe you are asking why I am featuring my local hosting company here, first and foremost this is not a paid advertisement or something I am just grateful for all tangible and intangible things (sorry accounting terms) they did in making my site run smoothly over the years. Here is the facts about what really happened and why I am a grateful blogger: It is not secret to bloggers that in order to earn more in blogging you need to have more traffic and in order to gain more traffic you need to optimize your blog – thus SEO comes in.

It was August when i first try SEO, my SEO post about Olympics, with a help of fellow blogger like Gusher, Dimaks among others my first SEO experiment was a huge success pocketing more than $300 in Adsense earnings for 7 days. SEO really helps a lot in making more money in blogging but it has price to pay, in my case it eats up all my monthly bandwidth allocation.

My monthly bandwidth allocation back then was 10GB, very low compare to those foreign hosting company offers, with the thousands of visitors coming to my site everyday in that specific period in a matter of two days i almost hit the limit. This event prompted me to contact page.ph asking if they can increase the bandwidth allocation for a price with the fear of loosing potential income if my site is down in midst of high traffic. They did increase my bandwidth allocation to 15GB without me paying a dime and that help me cross the month without any down site.

This thing not only happened twice but thrice, the second time i asked them about increase allocation was just few days ago, when for the second time am just a hair away of reaching the monthly limit, they responded by increasing it for another 10GB making in 25GB in total absolutely free. With fresh 10GB bandwidth I keep on posting new posts and optimizing them on the same time. Few days later, for the third time am almost there again reaching the restriction so i slow down, i did not post anything nor optimizing the old ones.

This time I asked them how i can transfer my domain to other hosting company as my site cannot survive the flux of visitors with only 25GB bandwidth allocation monthly. I am just desperate that day am thinking that if my site goes offline tomorrow then it gives me an excuse to transfer and i can used the downtime period in transferring my domain to another hosting company. If i recall correctly DSN propagation takes 72 hours or more.

But was surprise to see my beloved lessonko.com is still online and running smoothly, it just discovered that they upgrade my account to higher level – with 50GB, again am pretty sure that this will help me cross month of November with any downtime or offline site. This is why am grateful to Page.ph for they have a superb support and customer care. Thank you and more power to you guys especially to Jonathan.

Stay tuned for my next post about my highest Adsense Earnings so far.

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